2016 Quantitative Conference
December 7, 2016 , New York
2016 Quantitative Conference
December 7, 2016 , New York


Wednesday, December 7th
"Balance Sheets of the Future - Assets in the Cloud"

7:30 AM
Registration & Breakfast
8:00 AM
Eric Miller, Managing Director, Head of Global markets Client and Content - introduce conference
8:10 AM
Opening Keynote: "The End of Accounting"
Baruch Lev, Professor of Accounting and Finance at New York University Stern School of Business
9:00 AM
Michael Mauboussin - Managing Director, Head of Global Financial Strategies, "Base Rates"
9:30 AM
David Holland, Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse HOLT "Don't Suffer from a Terminal Flaw"
10:00 AM
Break - Networking & Refreshments
10:10 AM
Bart Madden, Author, "Value Creation Thinking", His research led to CFROI valuation framework
10:40 AM
Investor Panel - Taking on Hard to Value Companies, Moderator Garry Collins Managing Director, Prime Services, Credit Suisse

"Searching for Direction: What do Changes in Technology, Businesses and Products mean for Quants"

11:30 AM
Registration and Lunch
12:00 PM
Selim Akar, Managing Director, Head of US Equity Sales
12:10 PM
Bryant Matthews, Director, HOLT Model Development Credit Suisse "The FADE Factor"
12:40 PM
Ron Graziano, Director, HOLT Global Accounting Specialist "Five Accounting Distortions That matter Right Now"
1:10 PM
Using Big Data, Machine Learning and its Applications in the Future
* James Sweeney, Managing Director, Chief Economist, Credit Suisse - Insights into 2017
* Aric Whitewood, Vice President, Credit Suisse Research - Predicting GDP
2:35 PM
Panel - Factor Investing and Traditional Quant Asset Management: Synergies and Conflicts, Moderator Matthew Rothman, Managing Director, Head of Quantitative Equity Research Credit Suisse 

* Jeremy Baskin, CIO/CEO, AXA Rosenberg
* Sid Browne, Head of Research, Quantitative Investment Strategies Credit Suisse
* Eric Nirenberg, MASS PRIM
3:30 PM
Panel - ETFs: Their Evolving Uses and Impact on the Market, Moderator John Penney, Vice President, Equities Prime Services

* Jeremy Schwartz, DOR, Wisdom Tree Asset Management
* Ognjen Sosa, Global Asset Allocation, Fidelity
* Michael Jones, Chairman & CEO, Riverfront
* Corey Hoffstein, Co-Founder and CIO, Newfound Research
4:30 PM
"Hedge Funds, Version 2.0"
Keynote speaker - Jonathan Larkin, CIO, Quantopian
5:30 PM
Cocktail & Networking Reception

All of the speakers' participation in Credit Suisse's 2016 Quantitative Conference (on Dec 7, 2016) has been reviewed in accordance with CS policies governing the use of experts.