2016 Emerging Markets Conference - Russia: Gloom or Bloom
May 18, 2016, The Ritz-Carlton , Moscow
2016 Emerging Markets Conference - Russia: Gloom or Bloom
May 18, 2016, The Ritz-Carlton , Moscow

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

08:45-09:15      Registration
09:15-09:30      Welcome Address    
                         Eraj Shirvani, Head of Emerging Markets Group, Global Markets, Credit Suisse
09:30-11:15      Panel I - Is China likely to help or hinder the world economy in the years ahead?
                          Is the Chinese economy still losing pace? Will China? currency weaken sharply against the 
                          dollar? Will a further fall in China's import growth push the rest of the world into recession? 
                          How will China's economic developments affect Russia?
                          Host:  Dong Tao, Chief Regional Economist, Non-Japan Asia, Credit Suisse
                          Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation 
                          Ksenia Yudaeva, First Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia
                          Maxim Oreshkin, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation 
                          Dr. Nouriel Roubini, Co-founder and Chairman, Roubini Global Economics 
                          Yukon Huang, Senior Associate, Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment; Advisor, World Bank 
                          and Asian Development Bank
Coffee Break
11:45-13:00       Panel II - Cheap commodities: winners and losers
                          Have commodity prices reliably bottomed out?  Will slow growth in China keep commodity 
                          prices low for many years?  Will the supply of commodities fall sufficiently to allow prices to 
                          rise, even in the context of slow growth in demand from China?  How should Russia respond 
                          to the possible prospect of a long period with low global oil prices?
                          Host:  Ric Deverell, Head of Global Fixed Income and Economic Research, Credit Suisse
                          Pavel Yurchenko, Vice President, Strategy and Product Management, Ilim Group
                          Andrei Laptev, Head of Strategy, Severstal
                          Denis Nushtaev, Chief Strategist, RUSAL
                          Marcel Salikhov, Director of Economic Research, Head of Department, Institute for 
                          Energy and Finance
13:00-14:30       Buffet Lunch
14:30-15:45       Panel III - Political tensions everywhere
                          Has the fall in oil prices affected Russia? domestic political prospects? Has it seriously dented
                          the global power of commodity-exporting nations? Has it heightened the risk of international 
                          conflict? Has it changed Russia? international policy priorities? Will it help strengthen political
                          and economic ties between Russia and China? Will it make Russia drift further away from the
                          rest of Europe? 
                          Host:  Gregory White, Senior Editor, Bloomberg
                          Ekaterina Schulmann, Political Scientist, Academy of National Economy and 
                          Administration, Russia
                          Alexander Gabuev, Chair, Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program, Carnegie Moscow Center
                          Mikhail Dmitriev, President of the New Economic Growth Partnership, Russia
                          Kirill Rogov, Political Scientist, Liberal Mission Foundation, Russia
15:45-16:00      Coffee Break
16:00-17:30      Panel IV -Too many challenges: navigating the policy responses
                         Does Russia currently have the right mix of economic policies? What could be done better? 
                         What should be done to make Russian industrial and service-sector companies more competitive 
                         and to reduce the country's reliance on the resource sector? Is openness to external trade 
                         essential? Does China's developmental experience provide lessons that matter for Russia?
                         Host:  Valery Pushnya, Head of Global Markets Russia, Credit Suisse
                         Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation
                         J. Bradford DeLong, Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley 
                         Alexander Afanasiev, CEO, Moscow Exchange
                         Martin Gilman, Professor of Economics, Higher School of Economics
                         Natalya Volchkova, Assistant Professor, New Economic School, CEFIR Policy Director
17:30-17:45     Closing Remarks
                        Eraj Shirvani, Head of Emerging Markets Group, Global Markets, Credit Suisse
17:45 onwards Drinks Reception

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